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Doc Eason Magic appears in a rare mid valley appearance.

Who?  Doc Eason…bringing 41 years of magic and comedy from Snowmass Village to the MidValley

What? A stage appearance that will run about an hour and a half.

When? Saturday night June 16 8:30

Where? The Temporary – across the street from the Capital Creek Brewpub. Willets. Around the corner from Whole Foods.

Why? for the helluvit.

A very cool performance space has opened up in the Willets area of down valley. Located across the street from Capital Creek Brewpub, this little gem of a place is a ‘blank canvas’ that is open to anything you’d like. I have seen a single guitar player, a duo, a full blown stage full of musicians. I’ve also seen a play a movie and stand up comedy. This Saturday night, there will be magic! There will be stories, tricks, magic, miracles, laughs and maybe even a message.

Hometown boy comes home. Tickets are moving well I’ve been told.

2 Responses to The TEMPORARY

  • Hi Doc,
    This note has been a long time coming. First I want to thank you for the kind words for Buck after his passing. I was super angry at someone , not sure who or what. Second I am very sorry to read of you losing your wife. I have been married for 45 years to my high school love. I will be a first time grandfather sometime this month. Your love for your family is very obvious in your writing and it is how I feel for my family. Ma is living with Cindy now and we are trying to get the house ready for sale. Not a very eloquent note but it was my way of wishing you and your family all the best.

    • wow… thanks for your note… that means a lot to me as well.
      This rollercoaster we call life continues to surprise me. Alison and I were divorced for 15 years before she passed but we were still close mainly for our three kids. Newest development is that I am in love … again… At 71 I had pretty much written off any relationship. This came out of the blue…we’ve known each other (not well,but… ) for 41 years…She worked for John Denver back in the day and because John owned the Tower we would see each other now and then .. .but she was married.. I was married… we were both raising kids.. This wouldn’t have happened before now. but it is great and I am thrilled to be in love again.Give my best to your mom… She is a gem.

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