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If you have ever seen one of my lectures or heard me talk online, you know how strongly I feel about WonderWords. the language we use when we deceive.

Listen to this… You can make your audience think, feel, act or believe ANYTHING you want them to by the mere use of the words you use..

Look at that again.. you can make your audience think, feel, act or believe anything you want them to.

what a powerful thing. You can use these techniques to bump up the reaction of your audiences! As unbelievable as that sounds, it is true.

look at what he has to say about it…then order it through his page and I get compensated for it.

I am always a bit skeptical when someone says that such and such will change your life. but in this case, I agree.. .it WILL at least change the way you perform magic but some techniques will absolutely change the way you deal with people.. period.


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