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THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE IN DVD…This dvd should play in Europe as well.

Some of you may be aware of the discussion on the EG about this effect.

It generated a lot of talk. Here is my take on the trick. I bought it from Nick Brown some time ago. I liked it immediately but wasn’t sure of the reaction from real folks. To test it out, I showed it to my 18 year old son and at the end of it, he had the “brick in the forehead” look. With a wry smile, he said, “Hey, that’s cool.” So I said to myself, “That’s IN!” and it has been ever since.

I developed a little script and put my personality into the presentation and it _is_ cool. A few years ago, when I was working the Castle, I visited with Dean Dill. I pulled this out of the wallet, did it for him and Dean’s jaw just dropped. I showed it to a few folks around the Castle and I couldn’t believe the reactions. It is one of those things that receive a much bigger reaction than you would ever expect. It is easy to do and the effect is mess-with-your-brain weird.

Here is the effect: You OPENLY display a one dollar bill with a small trap door cut into the middle. Asking a spectator to HOLD the Trap Door, you fold the bill closed and then open the bill. The effect here is difficult to get across in print, but when the bill is unfolded the trap door is on the other side of the bill!!! Now, PLEASE understand this: It looks exactly as if YOU- while holding the Trap Door -somehow went THROUGH the small cutout in the bill!

This is one of those unique knock-out tricks that has to be experienced to fully get the effect. Most magic effects are fairly easy to describe and get across in print, but not this one. There is simply NO WAY that the little door should be able to switch sides of the bill while the spectator is holding it! You get the entire system detailed on a video tape and one bill set up and ready to go!

The aforementioned discussion revolves around two major themes. First, it is a similar method to some previously published effects. But these older versions were with playing cards or index cards… I even did a similar thing with a Florida state ballot (computer generated graphics) with Bush on one side and Gore on the other (but that presentational idea went out of date pretty quickly.) The fact that you are using a recognizable object, a US one dollar bill really elevates this… there is so much stuff on a dollar bill that the presentational possibilities are endless. In fact, I have come across some fascinating info about a dollar bill that I enclose when you buy it from me. I wouldn’t dream of using all the facts but I have found that most people have no idea what is on a bill that you handle every day. So some of this trivia is real interesting -or can be- if properly scripted. The other theme was the fact that it is $25. My only input on this was that if I could find a piece as good as this for a mere $25, that was a no brainer, no skill, just figure out the script, I would plunk down the money every day of the week. Personally, I stayed out of the discussion. I do it, I love it, and, frankly, it doesn’t bother me that some people feel it is expensive. Fine, don’t buy it. Get something else… The only place you can find this is from Brad Burt who produced the tape and Rocky Mountain Magic ( at least as far as I know).


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