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In the early part of the 20th century, legendary bar magician Matt Schulien threw a deck of cards against the wall of his tavern and left a spectator’s selection stuck in place. Little did he realize that he had created one of the most memorable and dramatic card tricks of all time. Since then, magicians have aimed their sites a little higher – ceilings, to be exact – and have been amazing and mystifying audiences with one of the very few card tricks that has such a huge, built-in “wow” factor.

On this volume, you’ll meet five modern-day practitioners who have all made important contributions to the evolution of the Card on Ceiling. Doc Eason shows you how to make this trick play for large groups, drawing in all of the spectators into this very magical experience. You’ll learn all of the fine touches in J. C. Wagner’s version of the trick that’s used by bar magicians everywhere, including Doc Eason. Karl Norman performs and discusses the version that he performed for 40 years at the legendary Forks Hotel and Michael Ammar teaches his take on this classic effect, one that helped to forge his reputation in the world of magic. Lastly, Scotty York, in addition to his very funny and clever presentation of this trick, will demonstrate how to make a gimmick that will enable you to streamline its handling.

Card on Ceiling is a trick that people will talk about for years . . . and on this DVD, you’ll meet the gentlemen who can ensure that you’ll be the magician your spectators will always remember.

Doc Eason – Card on Ceiling
J. C. Wagner – Entertainment Tacks (courtesy of Meir Yedid)
Karl Norman – Card on Ceiling (courtesy of Meir Yedid)
Michael Ammar – Card on Ceiling
Scotty York – Card on Ceiling (courtesy of Murphy’s Magic)


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