WGM Ambitious Card


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One more in this wonderful series and I am partial to this one as well…it has my version on it!

In this volume, you’ll meet a variety of performers who have taken this very basic yet magical idea of a single playing card constantly rising to the top of the pack in some very clever and decidedly different directions. For example, David Regal leads off with his routine which transmogrifies an ordinary playing card into a puppy that always responds to the voice of its master. You’ll see and learn Harry Lorayne’s routine which first saw print in his classic Close-Up Card Magic performed and taught by the man himself. Frank Garcia offers some clever moves that are ready to be implemented into your own routine while Michael Ammar demonstrates a routine that would compliment the repertoire of any card worker. My version is next with a segment on my Bar Videos sometimes called a high point of my bar set, while Paul Wilson, Al Schneider and the inimitable Tommy Wonder perform and teach their routines which all end up with the card appearing in a totally unexpected and magical place. Finally, Dai Vernon’s reminiscence about the origins of his timeless routine from Stars of Magic is the perfect way to round out this Ambitious Card extravaganza. This is an indepth look this classic routine at a very reasonable cost.


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