The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne


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Harry Lorayne’s The Magic Book- is subtitled, The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Anywhere, Anytime Sleight of Hand Magic

If you are interested in learning some basic sleight of hand magic, this is where I would start.

When I first started studying magic in 1977, my wife gave me this gem of a book for Christmas. I had no idea how great a book it was at the time.

When I look over my working repertoire now, I am amazed at the amount of material that came from this book.

Cards, coins, mental and general magic are covered in this treasure. If I knew little or nothing about sleight of hand magic, this is the book to be marooned with! Harry Lorayne’s teaching style is amazing! He not only teaches the “how” but the “why” and you come away with a total understanding of the moves and the tricks.

I can’t think of a better book to recommend to someone who is interested in delving a bit deeper into the craft.

Study this book thoroughly and you will look like a master!


The only books available now are the deluxe version. It is $60.


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