Studebaker Green Notes


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VALUE! That’s what these have. Dollar for dollar this little 8 page is CHOCK full of wonderful ideas from the act of a working pro.

These manuscripts are from Peter Studebaker, a worker who now lives in Las Vegas.

Pete has been an active member of the underground for many years. Confidante to the likes of Roger Klause, Pressley Guitar and Bill Goldman, he has finally developed a long awaited lecture for magicians. These lecture notes are worth their weight in gold. They each contain effects that Peter has been using in his professional repertoire for years.

The Green Notes contain a terrific comedy item called Tie Foon, an effect that he has been using for years in which it appears that he is unraveling a spectator’s tie. Lotto Cash is an up-to-date version of FlashCash that changes lotto tickets into cold hard cash. His work on Rollover Aces will delight the card trick guys and his Wild Poker has killed them at the lectures. The impromptu bit with the pen is something you can put right into your act.

I consider this manuscript a steal.


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