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Here’s a wonderful rediscovery for me. I used to carry the Stack Attack book and did well with it.. Lew Brooks ran out and never reproduced them. So they went away.

I was delighted to see that a dvd is now available of the better routines in the book. And there is an excellent sale price on them.

These are all poker routines except for one but they are all very clever. If you are searching for a poker demo then you might think about this dvd. He performs them all to one person. Lew is a good thinker and a competent performer-. Though he doesn’t bowl me over, performance wise, the bare bones of the routines are full of some refreshing ideas and easily adapted routines.

Plus he has an excellent false overhand shuffle that is easy to master and very deceptive. His thinking about the ‘false false shuffle’ is very good and a fooler. If you already have a favorite false shuffle you are ahead of the game.

You certainly won’t use all of these routines, but I think you’ll find something that will spark your imagination. I love Poetry Poker, which tells a great story and though you might not be able to adapt the whole thing, it should inspire you to come up with your own ending.

His ‘Order out of Chaos’ is the non poker related theme and it is a great little routine.

Bughouse Poker will startle most audiences. It’s a cute little quickie but you’ll need a special card for that…easily obtainable.

The package includes a cheat sheet with the stacks written out for easy reference.

It listed for $34.95 but due to a special thing I am able to offer this excellent dvd for $22.


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