Scorpion Moth


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An oldtime pal Pete Studebaker, formerly of Dallas, now in Las Vegas, has created (with Mac King) a very funny visual gag that takes
Rattlesnake Eggs to a new level.

I mention to my bar patrons about the infestation of poisonous moths from New Mexico. (Pick a neighboring state) Steering the conversation to poisonous insects with a serious tone begins to set the hook. “Have you heard about the infestation? Those swarms of stinging, poisonous scorpion moths?” This is made all the more believable here in the resort because it sounds like a local phenomenon.When your friend professes ignorance, say, “Oh yeah, it is in all the papers. They say their sting isn’t fatal to a healthy adult, but to a baby or the elderly…”
Let your voice trail off as if the consequences are too dire to even contemplate.

When your friend’s curiosity reaches its peak, bring out the book. Let them get a look at the deadly looking specimens on the cover.

“Take a look, there’s a picture in here,” you say as you extend the book toward them. Your attitude is one of helpfulness. You have important information that they need, and you want to show them.

When the book is pretty close to them, open it and let the moth fly out at them. Holy cow! Believe me, if you’ve built this up properly, you’ll have to scrape them off the ceiling!

Comes complete with full color book cover, a moth prop and illustrated instruction sheet.


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