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Jim Sisti grew up in my hometown of Naugatuck Connecticut, albeit about 10 years after I had left.

His career flourished back in my old stomping grounds. His thoughts and observations were uncannily along the lines of my own.

The Restaurant Magic Reader collects the many articles and essays that Jim Sisti has written over the last 20 years on the subject of restaurant magic. Between these covers, you’ll find thoughts and ideas on such important topics as choosing material, selecting a performing character, getting and keeping a restaurant magic engagement, working with the management and staff, handling problem spectators, promotion and cross-promotion, proper dress, tipping, and so much more.

While you will agree with some of the opinions expressed while perhaps disagreeing with others, it is all irrefutably written in the singular voice, one informed by years of experience, of someone who cares deeply about magic and its perception. The Restaurant magic Reader contains rich food for thought, worthy of consideration by not only restaurant magicians, but every walk-around performer.

His essay on performing for other magicians should be tattooed on your arm or more specifically on the arm of the schmuck who whips out a deck of cards while you are working.

Again, if you are interested in working restaurants you should have this in your collection. They are all bite-sized essays so it is ideal for the bathroom. No article will take you longer than your average stay in the can.. but the ideas put forth will stay with you a lot longer…

Highly recommended.

Pages 184 – Softbound


“If you’re a close-up worker I think you’ll enjoy this book. If you’re a restaurant or walk-around worker then you should already own it.”
Tracy Atteberry, MyLovelyAssistant 3/16/2009 Full Review


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