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An elegant answer to the ugly rubber bands.

The Out to Lunch principle is an ingenious method of switching one card for another without detection under close scrutiny. Its origins go back 150 years.
The traditional method has a rubber band around the cards that hide a half card. It is a beautiful principle that has many applications.

For those of us who occasionally work an upscale crowd, the rubber band seems very…well, inelegant, for lack of a better term.

So a few years ago, Greg Wilson came out with the Stockholder wallet. This was a beautiful leather item with a band that accomplished the same purpose as the rubber band. At first, this looked like a solution to the “elegance” question. But no one I know carries a wallet like this, gimmicked or not, for business cards. So it turned out to be a kind of “magic proppy” looking thing.

Well, Rocky Mountain Magic and Tim Andrews has devised a simple, but elegant, stainless steel clip that holds about 6 business cards. This doesn’t look like a prop, it looks like what it is…a simple clip that holds a few business cards together. It is a totally innocent looking thing that accomplishes the out to lunch principle perfectly without looking “proppy”.

This simple but efficient prop is available for $15.

If you are looking for a great thing to do with the clip, check out http://doceasonmagicshop.com/oscommerce/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=87

This is available as a combo deal. Look in the list for OTD combo


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