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Omni Deck…

Years ago I got one of these and it has lived in my closeup case ever since. I love this.

A little history here… when I first got into magic in 1977, I went to an early Joe Stevens convention in Wichita. These were great conventions because they were so small and intimate. I didn’t know any one other than Sheets and Steve Spill. But Fred Kaps was there and Sheets kept pushing me over to be near this man with the giant hands. I somehow found myself in a booth at a Denny’s with a group of 4 or 5 magicians. The only other person I remember from that instance was Roger Klause. Roger’s trick to fool Fred was the hundred dollar bill change. It fried us all… it was brand new at that point. Not to be out done Fred pulled out a deck of cards and did an ambitious card sequence but at the end, he plunked down the deck in front of Roger and said, “here, you try it”. When Roger tried to do it, it became obvious that the deck was solid…IOW all glued together. (Paul Harris’ Solid Deception) This too was brand new at that point and fooled everyone at the table badly… Roger’s jaw hit the table. It was a wonderful moment to witness. Two of the magic world’s giants fooling each other was a fun thing to watch for a newbie like myself. Well I remember the feeling of surprise when the thing was exposed. It was shortly after that that I overheard a magician relating the story of doing that trick in a biker bar and some big dude grabbed the solid decption deck and a big ol’ knife and proceeded to rip the thing apart!

If you have ever tried to make one of those decks, you know it takes a LONG time to put it together. To have it ruined in a heartbeat must have been demoralizing at best.

Then someone showed me the same thing but with a solid plexiglass block that was machined to look like a deck of cards on the edges. Brilliant. I still use this in a walkaround cocktail party situation. I love it. They had gone out of production and were unavailable.

Well, a surprise to me, these are still being manufactured and now I have them in stock.


An ambitious card routine with a blockbuster ending! Your fascinated spectators watch with amazement as you make a card jump from the middle to the top of the deck. You then mystify them even further by repeating this astonishing feat. Then you hit them with the grand finale. Incredibly, the entire deck transforms into a crystal clear block of plastic while it sits in a spectator’s hand.


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