Magic’s Most Amazing Stories


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This is a book that is long overdue.My original quote on this book is that this is for people who go to stock car races to see the crashes. This book is that and a whole lot more. It also celebrates the home runs- both accidental and engineered.

I am quite flattered to have a story in this compendium of great stories. I was even more delighted at how the whole project turned out.

Clever illustrations, nice layout all make this a no brainer purchase. I keep mine in the WC so I can peruse this while taking care of business.

Order your copy of the most awaited and unique book on Magic and Magicians ever. This book has no effects, no tricks to learn and no moves to master. Filled with inspiring, hilarious, gripping, remarkable and shocking stories for all!

Over 75 contributors, over 100 stories, beautifully illustrated, completely in full-color and over 250 pages of incredible stories, crazy facts, great anecdotes and fantastic tales about famous magicians of the past and present.

Magicians of the past and current magicians including: Houdini, Doug Henning, Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Charlie Miller, Tony Slydini, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Grippo, Martin Nash, Harry & Gay Blackstone, Billy McComb, Jeff Hobson, Mac King, Mike Finney, Dana Daniels, Tom Burgoon, Tom Ogden, Gazzo and so many more.

Reports from the road, at the airport, technical problems, hecklers, lost props, fire, animal mishaps and anything else you can think of IS ALL HERE! Get an inside look to what happens to the pros while they travel and work in this exciting profession. Great entertainment and a fantastic read for the entire family. Really!!

You are going to LOVE this book!


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