Magic for Dummies


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A valuable resource for anyone just getting started in magic. Don’t let the title put you off…This is a great book! The latest in the series of “Dummies” books, this is a huge, well organized, well written book that is an incredible resource for anyone. Especially written for the beginner, I found a bunch of material in here that impressed me and that I have added to my repertoire.

It offers magic ideas to be used in many different situations; magic in the office, magic at the dinner table, magic with stuff in your pockets, magic with parts of your body, magic at the card table.

“The Shuffling Lesson” by Chad Long is an absolute killer for the bar crowd. The tricks are organized into five categories: very simple tricks with low skill levels and high humor content, simple impromptu tricks using a variety of easy to borrow props, tricks for restaurant settings, card tricks, and parlor magic. The explanations of the tricks are top notch. The instructions are in easy to understand steps. A bold faced important fact that is followed by further information which really clarifies each step. Those familiar “Dummie” icons allows the reader to understand the type of information contained in that paragraph. If you are a beginner, this should be one of your first books.

But even if you are an experienced magician, you will find much information that you will enjoy.


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