King Arthur’s Pub


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Several years ago, Ton Onosaka produced Bicycle Built for Five. I immediately bought a set of these wonderful special cards. They look like regular Bike stock Jokers but eventually they all get off their bicycles and all the kings show up on one bicycle. Very clever and cute.

But the routine it came with was full of different counts and frankly it was hard to remember what card went where and when. In a session with Scotty York, the fixer, he showed me a much easier way to do the trick, using Roy Walton’s Cascade and the only sleight is an Elmsley count. I put my patter together with it and voila! here is a trick that really tickles an audience.

A group of Jokers riding bicycles mysteriously turn face up and face down several times and then they all leave the cards and go inside for a few pints…leaving empty bicycles scattered around the pub.

It comes with the set of cards, my patter using Scotty’s routine. It needs a Himber wallet.

So check your drawer and see if you have one there. I sometimes carry some very nice Himber type wallets so check with me..


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