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This is the first trick that Bob Sheets taught me when I first got into magic. I have been doing this trick for 38+ years. The recently updated and digitized instructions covers ALL aspects of- what I consider to be- one of the strongest tricks in my repertoire.

When you purchase this, I will send along a pdf of the instructions and a link to a live performance.

What I especially love is that this routine makes you LOOK like a ‘coin guy’ but you don’t have to be a coin guy.

Johnson coins have long been recognized by the fraternity as the “Cadillac” of gimmicked coins.

You can own the coin set for the classic Copper, Silver, Brass Transposition.

You can certinaly spend MORE money on fancy gimmicks but these are coins you will be proud to use. I use my set all the time.

This routine ‘lives’ in my front pocket and I don’t feel completely ready for any show if it is not there.

By the way, for years, the Johnson set has been the only one that uses real Mexican 20 centavos. I have just been informed that they are no longer using real 20 centavo coins. Their stash of real ones has finally come to an end. Hence forth they will be copies. This is a very subtle point and I assure you your audience will NEVER notice that the coin says ‘COPIA’. You should know this before you order. I wish I could supply the ‘real McCoy’ but there simply aren’t any more.


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