Impossible Opener


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This upgraded version contains instructions made clearer with Earle Oakes illustrations plus a bonus routine that doesn’t require a table. This acclaimed routine leads ’em down the garden path and then you turn the hose on them! I open every set of card tricks with this trick.

One red-backed prediction card is shown. From a blue deck, a spectator freely selects any card. The two cards miraculously match (for example, the 9S). Here is the garden path. It begins to dawn on them that all the cards must be the same, you show them that they are all the same, they’re all  Joker!  They will howl with laughter!

This is a great crowd-pleaser that not only fools but has great entertainment value.

The appearance of an entire deck, all Jokers,  is startling. Believe me, they have never seen that many at one time.

***And if that isn’t enough, included at no extra charge is The Upgraded Comedy Card ID kit, a $5.00 value from the minds at Presto Magic. It is the perfect segue into the next trick with a real deck. These labels are guaranteed reaction.

If you need more labels.. .let me know.

The impossible opener is just after “All Screwed Up” at about 3:30 in the video below:


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