Extreme Burn


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Ok… I have resisted carrying the same stuff as all the dealers.. but these dvds frm Richard Sanders and Sheets are just too good. This is my new favorite thing to do.
We’ve all seen the Hundy 500.. and then the Heiny 500… and of course Fred Kaps and Patrick Page started the whole thing many years ago. And frankly I never bothered to make one of these things up .. mainly cuz I didn’t have the ability to tie up $600 plus into such a trick.. and I guess there was something about those versions that didn’t appeal to me.

Well, along came my pal Richard Sanders from Toronto and he showed me this and my eyes popped out of my head.. this looks like a special effect. This dvd is as complete as any I have ever seen. He walks you through making the gimmick and gives you 9 different ways of changing the bills. You will love going through the different methods and figuring out your favorite.

I have some work on this and so if you buy this from Rocky Mountain Magic, I would be happy to let you in on my work on this.

Check out http://www.ultimatetaxi.com/blog/doc-eason-performs-extreme-burn-magic-trick/

My quote is correct.. this is like carrying a loaded gun in your pocket… and yes, Bob Sheets thinks this is the best version out there… he has thrown away the others. This will soon become your favorite too.


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