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I am sorry to say that I am OUT of Tangled web. I am in touch with Eric and I will be the first to know if they decide to reprint it.



No where else on the web is an autographed copy of this book being offered. Since Eric lives close he has consented to autograph the copies here at

Before we go any further, let me restate that I feel that Eric Mead is one of the best magicians on the planet. This observation isn’t based on rumor and innuendo. It comes from the fact that I stood along side of Eric for the last 16 years. Over those years, I watched him develop into one of the world’s most respected professionals.

In his first major book, Eric Mead covers a wide range of Magic and Mentalism, drawn completely from his professional repertoire and fine-tuned by performance after performance to its present form.

Bar Magic, Close-up Magic, Strolling Magic, Mentalism, Stage Magic, even two pieces for kids (seriously). In addition, there are seven instructive and challenging essays, and two chapters devoted to work with a memorized deck and a systematic approach to Vernon’s “Trick That Cannot Be Explained”.

These two sections are the real work in here. Oh, the tricks are good too. I have seen him perform a lot of this material and I know it kills. But the mem/deck work is worth the price of the book as is his approach to the Trick that can’t be explained. I learned a lot that I hadn’t known before. His professional approach to these topics is stunning in its depth, intelligence and originality.

This collection of Magic is the real deal or, as Teller describes it in his introduction to TANGLED WEB:”There is no bull***t, not a nugget, between these covers. If you’re like me, you’ll emerge changed, inspired, tingling.”

In the belief that exquisite Magic deserves an exquisite form, TANGLED WEB is an exquisitely produced book in the bibliophilic sense. A book that is pleasing to hold and to read. Magic and Mentalism that stands with the finest; yet, at an affordable price. 260 pages in elegant hardcover. Recommended by every major reviewer.



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