Crystal Ball Mystery


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The picture is wonky… it is not a squashed thing …it is a 2″ ball. cant get it sized correctly to show up as a ball! sorry.

Illustrated by Earle Oakes.

When it comes to mind-reading, I always play it for laughs. This routine is no exception.

Here is a piece that i have been doing for over 20 years.

I usually use this with a full bar and pick a lady at one end of the bar and a guy at the other end (this way everyone in the room is involved.). I explain we’ll do an experiment in ESP. I have the woman freely select a card… walk to the other end of the bar to display a fan of cards to the audience, then show the fan to the guy. and he (miraculously) figures out what her card is. Big applause. Then we try it a bit differently and have him select a card. Then without touching the card.. I wave a crystal ball over the card (thereby picking up an image [?]) and then show the ball to the girl and an image of his card mysteriously appears and then as quickly disappears in the ball (that only she can see) … and she announces the name of his card to thunderous applause…

Very simple to do … LOTS of room for tons of interaction… I play this very tongue in cheek and build up … this is based on a trick by George Kaplan explained in a great and rare book … the Fine Art of Magic published in 1947.

A two-phase, tongue-in-cheek, comedy ESP trick that employs two people but has enough appeal to captivate the entire audience. This can work effectively tableside for two people or for a bar full of people…or even an auditorium full of people. It get great laughs while it amazes. It is easy to do so you can focus on the presentation. Packs small and plays big, you get all the lines and presentational tips, the special 2″ crystal ball (well, okay, it’s plexiglass) and velvet carrying sack. If you can do a reverse card fan, you can handle this.


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