Communicating with Magic


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Dr. Earl Reum and Lindsay Smith –

The speaker’s guide to magic, the magician’s guide to speaking.

For magicians who aspire to be professional speakers and professional speakers who want to incorporate magic in their presentations, this is the book that brings it all together.

Earl Reum has been a big influence on my life for years. It is hard to be close to him and *not* become more enthusiastic and energetic. Here is a guy who has been doing the real work for 50+ years. I learn something every time we are together. Don’t miss these valuable insights into how to blend magic with a message to truly communicate with your audiences. Learn how to enhance your presentations, astound your audiences, expand your horizons and increase your performance fees when you incorporate the magic and messages, tips and topics explained here.

Contents include: Communicating With Magic; Audiences; Effective Oral Presentation Skills; Classification of Basic Magic Effects; Meetings, Magic and Messages; All-purpose Effects to Consider for Communicating with Magic; Getting Started for Magicians; Getting Started for Speakers; Speaking Reum; Resources; and a reprint of the now out of print booklet-Magic For The Civic Club.

103 pages.
Perfect Bound.


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