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Whether the reader is looking for stories about favorite celebrities, tips on what it takes to become a Bar Magician, the meaning of life, or just sheer entertainment, Cocktails & Doc Tales has plenty for everyone.

“Looking back over some forty-five years and thousands of shows, the details of what tricks I did may have faded, but what remains are warm feelings of camaraderie, laughter, amazement, life-long connections, and turning moments into memories. This book is full of those serendipitous moments that have most influenced my path and brought me to where I am today.”

Welcome to Cocktails and Doc Tales, a book you may not remember but you won’t forget.



  1. Doc

    Your words have a profound impact. Your ability to capture the essence of these encounters is truly remarkable.
    Your stories resonated deeply with me, particularly your perspective on what real magic truly is. Joycee Beck

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    Great book. Well written and very interesting and fun. Doc covers the early years of Snowmass and the Wild characters that kept the good times rolling. Jon Carter

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