Close’s Clones


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Readers of this catalog know how I feel about Mike Close.

He is a worker like me and whatever he puts out you can be assured that it has been worked out to the nth degree. This item is no exception. I started doing this trick as soon as it appeared in the Workers series. The cards have been reprinted and are available again. Here’s what happens…You start by showing nine cards to be blank on both sides. After laying them out in a 3 by 3 pattern you then talk about cloning and introduce a clown card.

Suddenly the cloning experiment goes haywire and clowns start appearing on the blank cards at a startling rate! The action is so visual and compelling to watch that when the spectator finally recovers from the fever pitched action, and looks up at you, they see a clown nose on you!

Apparently the cloning thing has really run amok!

If you know my material, then you know how much this resembles the card under the glass. Something happens without the spectator being aware of it, in this case the appearance of the clown nose on your face! I LOVE this trick. It comes with those all important special cards, a special wallet and a clown nose..

Great entertainment value! Not difficult to perform and it resets easy! Try this one you will love it!


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