Bringing Magic to Life


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Different than any Magic Book you’ve ever seen… Just released by Magician / Physician – Ragnu (the OK) / Jay Ungar (MD)

Nearly four years in the making… It is a passion filled, hilarious account of Magical Thoughts and Act-ions that chronicles a lifetime of work and play.

Interwoven with stories that are laugh-out-loud funny and thought-provoking mini-essays are more than two dozen close-up magical presentations that are absolutely one of a kind.

It is without question a “doctoral” “trick and treat-ise” on connecting with others and infusing “you” into your Magic.

If you have ever seen my lecture I spend a lot of time talking about the connection between you and the audience…that the trick is not the thing… that they don’t remember what you did but rather how you made em feel. This is what I feel is the “real magic” in what we do.

This book is EXACTLY what i am talking about.

If you read one of the essays early in the book, Jay mentions that I was in the audience (my first magic convention) of a show that he put on. It was a disaster and, after he slunk out of the hotel, I didn’t hear from or about Ragnu for almost 30 years. When we met again we laughed about that experience and amazed each other with how much had happened since that fateful day in Wichita.

It is obvious from this beautifully produced book that Jay Ungar has been hard at work honing his magic and communication skills. This *could* prove to be one of the most important books in your library.


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