Bamboozlers 2


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Here is Volume 2 of this series… and there are those out there who claim it is better than Vol 1.

Among the 75 items in here are…

Numerical Nim (Nim without any props except pencil and paper)

Crackers (a bet involving the eating of, well, crackers)

Credit Card Swipe Gag (a clever gag you can use daily that will get you lots of double takes)

Four Play (a clever method of apparently changing the face of your spectator’s watch)

$3.41 Challenge (a bar bet using coins that takes advantage of our natural difficulty in perceiving measurements)

Napkin Critter (a clever sight gag that will generate a few gasps at the bar)
Floating to go cup (a method of levitating an empty cup which appears very magical from the right angle)

One Dollar Psychic (a method of learning information about a spectator’s bill that will allow for an amazing demonstration of mind reading)

Nail a Nickel (an extremely funny sight gag in which it appears as though you have nailed a nickel into your forehead)

The book, which is 136 pages long, also contains a great many jokes, riddles, and verbal gags mixed in with the tricks and betchas. I can’t imagine anyone who is intested in these sorts of things being disappointed with Bamboozlers 2.


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