…after all these years


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Many of my fans have asked when will there be a new Doc Eason tape… well, here it is… and it is a DVD!

Well there it was anyway…

this is a performance DVD  shot at the Tower in the spring of 2003… it is live …. with a very lively audience… and it contains material never before seen. This is really from the archives.

It starts with an interesting history of how the Tower Magic
Bar came into existence in 1975 and how i was caught up in the spell of it all. It moves quickly into my color changing knife routine, that I open almost every show with … a card transposition that has become a cornerstone of my act…a weird sort of puzzle trick that I have been killing with!… my “bar bet” routine that has become a feature part of my act ( thanks to Bob Read) and an obscure (but killer) torn and restored card routine that has been frying my audiences for a few years now. I have included a second closing on the last two effects… to show the same trick’s ending with a different audience. I close the whole thing with a card on Ceiling montage to show the updated ending. As always, the whole thing is liberally seasoned with bits and jokes.

Okay…so don’t take my word for it..

check out Steve Brooks review at the Magic Cafe…

or Steve Bryant’s review in the Little Egypt Gazette.


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