A Doc-umentary Vol 1


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For those of you who enjoyed Doc’s first tape produced in 1990, these tapes are a must! You’ll want these tapes not only because they contain his pet routines, but for the first time, he tips some of his most closely guarded secrets. First, you’ll experience the show, captured live at the Tower.
Then Doc takes you backstage for a peek up the magician’s sleeve at the real secrets that have kept him employed in the same spot for over twenty years. This set of tapes is one that you will watch over and over again for the sheer enjoyment of seeing how much fun magic can be.
This three volume set defines bar magic as it has been performed at the World Famous Tower Comedy Magic Bar for the last twenty years; the bits of business, the tricks, the jokes:everything!

Tape one contains Doc’s definitive Card under the Glass routine.
This masterpiece of routining contains his “peeked”card to under the glass, his entire ambitious card routine, his amazing version of Triumph, a bogus explanation of how the card gets under the glass, and his fabulous 3 card monte routine. Each of these routines ends in the signed card appearing under his glass in an ever increasing challenge situation. The culmination of this challenge occurs during his unbelievable multiple selection of 20 cards.

A thorough discussion of all the sleights, misdirection tips, physical misdirection are examined by Michael Ammar and Doc in a discussion right there at the Tower.

A surprise visit from John Denver is also included on each of the tapes.


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