Mortality on my mind


I’ve been lost in thoughts about mortality these past few days.


A high school pal recently succumbed to brain cancer. I guess people do that every day but we are conditioned not to react to them all. But when someone we know passes, it is always cause for circumspection. 


Then today on the radio a string of oldies kept these thoughts foremost in my mind. Just now, in the comfort of my little house,  Simon and Garfunkle’s My Little Town comes on. I have always loved the way the lyrics in this song remind me of Naugatuck Connecticut and my days at Naugatuck High School. 


David Mahan stayed near our old stomping grounds and became a restauranteur. As successful as he was at that endeavor, his crowning achievement came when he and a few investors jumped into race horses.


Thanks to a 20-percent ownership in a working-man racing team called Sackatoga Stable, Mahan was part of a group that parlayed a meager, by thoroughbred standards, $75,000 purchase of a chestnut gelding named Funny Cide into one of racing’s greatest stories.


My only regrets are that I lost close contact with him in the last few years.


I think we would have been even better friends than when we were in High School.

Aloha David.

Dave's favorite picture....Naugatuck's Dave Mahan aboard Funny Cide, the 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner. Mahan held a 20-percent ownership stake in the horse.

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