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Images of note

I am enjoying this blog thing.. not sure how many people have even found it at this point. I don’t know of anyway to track visitors to this. So if you do look in, jot a comment. Leave a footprint.

I don’t know how long I can keep up with the input. Like so many journals that I have started, the steam runs out before too long.

So we’ll see how long this can go without huge gaps..

This is my screen saver these days.. I love this picture. who cares if it was photoshopped. it is wonderful. 


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  • Doc – Love the new website and your Blog. Keep in touch. Chris

  • Well, since you asked for footprints I thought I’d share a bumper sticker I saw on a large SUV a while back which said; “How would you like my carbon footprint on your ass”.
    Nice photo.

  • By the way – if you are looking for a new screen saver in the future check out the NASA site for “Astronomy Picture of the Day”. Great celestial shots taken by the Hubble telescope.

  • Hey there Doc. I got your email and yes, the MOI show has been a little painful. There is both good and bad. I’ve seen some magicians in Vegas over the years. We saw Lance Burton (great), Rick Thomas (great), and Showgirls of Magic (Day show. Soreli would not let me see the night show. I got on the stage in that one. It was a fun show to see). Last weekend, we saw Penn and Teller in Vegas. We were disappointed. Not up to the level we expected. I did see some great wizardry in Hollywood at the Magic Castle. Can’t remember the guy’s name. Doctor Something. His name has slipped my mind. This last time, we wanted to see Criss Angel but the show was dark for the entire time. He must have been on vacation. Maybe he disappeared. I like the drawing one of your fans gave to you. You must have a magical effect on people. If you hear the you are going to be on MOI, please let me know. I have to take a break to start studying again for the next four months.
    Keep the blog going. Sorry about David Mahan. I did not know him personally, but do recall hearing about him. Didn’t know he was an owner of Funny Cide. Time is moving on, too quickly.

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