Welcome to the newly remodeled page!

Thanks to my friend Teo Leonard and his team at The Web design Ninja, we are sporting a brand new look. I am changing my shopping cart around a bit as well. So there may well be some technical screwups but Teo and his gang of ninjas are very helpful.

This is the first step in bringing me a bit more up to date. Those of you familiar with my product line will notice some of our old favorites but also a few new items.

Plans are moving forward to put a lot more video on this page. The new items in the pipeline are very exciting. Stay tuned and check back here periodically and get ready for some great stuff here.

I have also started my own YouTube channel. Please check https://www.youtube.com/user/doceason .check out the existing videos there and get ready for a bunch of new things. I have tons of footage that has never seen the light of day.. so that is about to change!!

I am very excited about the changes being made to my web presence. I hope you are too. Please feel free to send along comments. I love to hear from you…

FOR MY OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS. Remember my page doesn’t calculate foreign postage. Priority International postage has become exorbitant. I have found that first class mail might take a few more days but it is enormously cheaper.  You can save the barrage of emails by sending an extra $10 via paypal to doc@doceason.com

If more postage is required I will be in touch.


Thanks for checking in here. I always love to hear from my customers.