Hire Doc!

Cocktail walk-around

A perfect start to a memorable evening. Do your cocktail parties sizzle with excitement or are they a dreadful bore? Having Doc in the mix can guarantee a fun and memorable time.

Hospitality Magic

A perfect finish for your evening – Close-up magic in the intimate setting of the hospitality suite. This popular presentation is fun, mystifying and highly interactive. Often this can be the most memorable part of the evening.

Corporate Spokesman — Trade Shows, Product Launches,
Sales Meetings

If you have a message to put before the public, Doc’s unique form of entertainment can help to develop an compelling way of presenting the information.

The Therapy of Laughter

An entertaining and informative time full of laughs and information. More details …

Organizing Events

Since 1981 Doc has produced the highly successful Snowmass Family Festival. His network of talented variety performers can provide a memorable family event.