Dust off the bridesmaid’s dress

It’s springtime in Hollywood California and it’s award season again. The Grammies are this weekend, the Golden Globes were last week and the Motion Picture Academy Awards are right around the corner. The Oscars recognize the best and brightest stars in their industry. Their show is a well hyped. It is hard to escape the buzz in the media. 


A slightly lesser known academy flies just in the shadow of its bigger glitzier cousin. The Academy of Magic Arts is also based in Hollywood at the Magic Castle.  It, too, awards the best and brightest in in the magic industry. Two weeks after the Oscars on March 8, the much anticipated envelopes will determine the winners in magic categories. 


This year’s ceremony will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris who is a talented magician (among all his other talents). Thanks to Neil, The Late Night with Craig Ferguson show has featured magic recently and every night he mentioned the awards ceremony on national TV.


I recently received word that the academy has once again nominated me for Closeup Magician of the Year. The other nominees aren’t household names but in the magic world these are considered to be best. I am seriously humbled by the academy and their nomination process. I will be travelling to Hollywood on the weekend of Mar 8 for the ceremony. 


My first impressions…?


1.) What impresses me most is the other names on the list. While the names may not mean much to non magic folks, they are some heavy weight people.


2.) This is the 12th nomination in 11 years. I am humbled that the Academy feels that I deserve to be on the list. 


3.) Despite 5 consecutive nominations, 5 consecutive requisite trips to the alter and 4 consecutive disappointments, I feel compelled to make the trip again. I am NOT bringing any of my kids with me for this one. Each of my kids has been along for one or more of these ceremonies and this year, I simply can’t afford to have one of them along.


4.) My (always the…) bridesmaid outfit is getting tattered after all these trips to the alter. But this year will be fun and I am just jazzed to be invited to the party.

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