Cocktails and Doc Tales

Cocktails & Doc Tales
Doc Eason


“Welcome to the Tower Comedy Magic Bar and an evening you may not remember but you won’t forget.” This delightfully absurd line opens Doc’s new memoir as well as most of his shows for over forty years. But as the years melded into decades, Doc came to realize that the line isn’t as absurd as it first seemed. Doc Eason’s Cocktails & Doc Tales is a memoir, a folk history, and perhaps a philosophical essay combined.

How did a little hole-in-the-wall bar in the middle of the Colorado Rockies become known around the world as The Premier Comedy Magic Bar of its time?
What is a magic bar?
What did John Denver have to do with it?
What did Rocky Mountain High have to do with it?
How were lives impacted by one moment in time?

Whether the reader is looking for stories about favorite celebrities, tips on what it takes to become a Bar Magician, the meaning of life, or just sheer entertainment, Cocktails & Doc Tales has plenty for everyone.

“Looking back over some forty-five years and thousands of shows, the details of what tricks I did may have faded, but what remains are warm feelings of camaraderie, laughter, amazement, life-long connections, and turning moments into memories. This book is full of those serendipitous moments that have most influenced my path and brought me to where I am today.”

Welcome to Cocktails and Doc Tales, a book you may not remember but you won’t forget.

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