So maybe I don’t know what I am talking about

An obvious ‘young Turk’ wrote to me some time ago and said he wanted to get into magic bartending. I don’t know if he was asking advice or what… but then he made the comment that my material was old and out of date. He then told me a few of the things that he was doing in his ‘act’.  I put quotes around that because the things he described were the of the ‘DVD of the month’ variety.… Continue reading


Doc Eason Magic appears in a rare mid valley appearance.

Who?  Doc Eason…bringing 41 years of magic and comedy from Snowmass Village to the MidValley

What? A stage appearance that will run about an hour and a half.

When? Saturday night June 16 8:30

Where? The Temporary – across the street from the Capital Creek Brewpub. Willets. Around the corner from Whole Foods.

Why? for the helluvit.

A very cool performance space has opened up in the Willets area… Continue reading

Hello mortality… is that you?

“Well, I’ve got to run to keep from hiding And I’m bound to keep on riding And I’ve got one more silver dollar But I’m not gonna let them catch me, no Not gonna let ’em catch the midnight rider” Midnight Rider Gregg Allman

I just figured out why I was exhausted.

It has been a stressful few years.

2016, Alison, my one and only wife, mother to my three kids, love of my life and bane of my existence… Continue reading

The best year of my life.

I opened my computer to my blog spot and the above title appeared. Indeed 2015 can arguably be known as (at least one of) my best years … Successful stints California, the UK, Amsterdam and back to California.Travels with my son were challenging and rewarding.

Then 2016 charged out of the gate with a vengeance and turned into a real rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs.

Mortality or the awareness of it, has become a constant companion… Continue reading

A Wealth of Friends.

I thought I posted this last spring.. apparently not. Better late than never.

One of the favorite posters we had hanging in the house as the kids grew up was a poster that listed the names of groups of things… A flock of geese, a clowder of cats, a murder of crows. We delighted over the phrases.. some of the better ones, a business of ferrets.. a waddle of penguins. pandemonium of parrots, lounge of lizards and my favorite, a flamboyance of flamingos.

Another one of my favorites is ‘an embarrassment of riches’.

I was working for a good pal and we always enjoyed our time after the show or event. We would relax and talk about kids, life and other pertinent things. At one point in our conversation he said something that stopped me. He said, “Doc, you have a ‘wealth of friends'”. I hadn’t ever thought of a collective noun for such a thing. But I thought at that moment what an apt description. If wealth is measured by dollars… well, I don’t stack up very well. But if it’s about friends then I am indeed a rich man.

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Grandparents Parents and Children.

I have always loved summers. My birthday is smack dab in the middle of summer. 22 July.. Cusp of Cancer and Leo. Vacations to the ocean or my dad’s home town. Summers are great.

This summer was fabulous. It marked many milestones in my life. The most important one was my oldest child, Mack, was married. Though a civil ceremony in Santa Barbara was the ‘official’ wedding, they planned a reception in Mindy’s home town of Rochester NY. with Mindy’s family and network of lifelong friends. Through a wonderful chain of events I was able to be there for the occasion.

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Age has its privilege.

Ya know when you are young? You can’t wait to be 16 because you can get a driver’s license.

18, you can vote.

21, now! you can drink (legally). Wow..

then for a long time there are no ‘milestone’ birthdays, except for the depressing 30, or a startling 40, the big five-oh, the ‘let’s not make too big a deal, ok?” 60.

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Who knew!?

Dateline Early April Basalt Colorado

This is the Press Release from the latest wonderful thing that happened.. _____________________ Doc Eason was just named Best Closeup Magician in a Reader’s Choice poll awards at about.com.

The Readers’ Choice Awards highlights the best products, features, and services across a wide variety of topics. This year the Readers’ Choice Awards showcases the best in hundreds of categories across most of About.com’s channels, from technology to hobbies to sports. It is an international internet based site.

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Angels… Lucky or .. what?

Just before the Tower shut its doors for good on April 10 2004, I had a crew come in and film one last performance. This footage came from a a regular night at the  Tower. We had 2 cameras, and talented operators. That is a big part of the formula for video. I was feeling pretty good that night, another part of the equation. The ‘wild card’ to this whole video thing is the audience. Without hiring professional… Continue reading

Bent Wheel on my tricycle.

My ex-wife is fond of saying that having three kids is like having a tricycle with one bent wheel – it’s just that the bent wheel moves around from time to time!  IOW at any given time, one of my kids may well be the ‘bent one’. When I talk about my kids, I sometimes lovingly refer to one (or another) of them as the bent wheel on my tricycle of life. I have three great kids. In fact,… Continue reading