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Restoring my Christmas

For me, December is a rough month, always has been. The holidays are festive but frustrating. Expectations are high and the letdowns always seem to happen. Then the pace accelerates to a blur with parties and shows and it is exhausting physically and psychically.

Of the 64 Christmases I’ve spent on this earth, some of them simply aren’t as joyous and as high on the ranking as others. It happens. This particular one wasn’t one of my best. In the middle of a month when I am usually gearing up for the big push, I was thrown into an intense scenario that I had little choice about. I reluctantly went through a week of physical and emotional punishment.

Though bruised, I made it through that stretch but when I came up for air, I found myself at the beginning of a crazy schedule that had me going every night from the 20th through new years. I traded one level of intensity for another. I am not complaining. Being mercifully busy was the best thing that could have happened. Besides the obvious financial benefit, I was able to put smiles on a lot of faces. That fed my soul.

In the middle of all this, the strangest thing happened.

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Spring time in the Northwest

For faithful readers of this blog, you know that two years ago I went to Japan with my oldest son Mack. This year, I undertook a similar adventure to Western Canada and Seattle, Eugene and Portland.  #2 son Ryan was my able bodied assistant on this swing.

Aside from the fact that everyone on this tour spoke English the tour was every bit as intense and no less grueling as the Japanese tour.

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2010 starts strong

As last year wound to a close, it was evident that it was a big year by any standards. I was still mildly euphoric over being named the Academy of Magical Arts Closeup Magician of the Year. The trip to Japan with son Mack was just one of many  other high points,

I didn’t have much time to ponder how it all fit into the grand scheme of things. The winter schedule required focus as I was doing 4… Continue reading

Southwest Roadtrip Nov 09

November loomed up as not being very strong with bookings so I turned to a different faucet for money and booked magic lectures through out the Southwest. Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs and San Diego. The tour would end up at the Magic Castle where I would work for two nights in the Inner Circle’s WC Fields Magic Bar.

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Huge in Japan

I am huge! in Japan…

2009 is shaping up to be a big year for me. On the heels of being awarded Closeup Magician of the year, I have just now returned from a 2+ week tour of Japan. Let me explain.

Two years ago, when I was working the Magic Castle, I stepped outside for a little fresh air. I was approached by a rather stern looking Japanese fellow who introduced himself as Ken Kurita. In broken English, he… Continue reading

Spring 2009

Life has been so full these days that, sometimes, I just sit and stare off into space and try to get my mind all around it all. Luckily I have the just the place to do that-my porch.

Spring! The valley is coming alive. The trees are all budded out and the lilacs are permeating the air. Serious porch time has provided me a place to try to make a little sense of it all. Spectacular moonrises over this fabulous… Continue reading

One of the Grandest nights of my Life Part one

In January I heard from the Board of Trustees of the Magic Castle that I had once again made the short list of nominees for Closeup Magician of the year. I have been fortunate enough to be on that list more than a few times before. I have always arranged time to go out there on the chance that I might actually receive the distinction but I have managed to get nosed out for all those years.

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This will be short and sweet.

First of all, all my best wishes for a loving and warm holiday season.  December is really revving up and we have a ton of snow. It is shaping up to be a real white Christmas!

My newly remodeled website is up and live.

There are several other things to be done on it, but it is 95% there.

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