Notes from the Florida Highway Fall 2009

As the weather turns cooler here in the mountains, kids are back to school, vacations are over and business really quiets down.

Aside from the occasional special event, there is very little going on so it is time to pop the periscope up and see what else might be going on around the country. As it turned out, one of my long time clients in the telecom industry was planning a trade show in Orlando. Once the details of that… Continue reading

Huge in Japan

I am huge! in Japan…

2009 is shaping up to be a big year for me. On the heels of being awarded Closeup Magician of the year, I have just now returned from a 2+ week tour of Japan. Let me explain.

Two years ago, when I was working the Magic Castle, I stepped outside for a little fresh air. I was approached by a rather stern looking Japanese fellow who introduced himself as Ken Kurita. In broken English, he… Continue reading

Spring 2009

Life has been so full these days that, sometimes, I just sit and stare off into space and try to get my mind all around it all. Luckily I have the just the place to do that-my porch.

Spring! The valley is coming alive. The trees are all budded out and the lilacs are permeating the air. Serious porch time has provided me a place to try to make a little sense of it all. Spectacular moonrises over this fabulous… Continue reading

One of the Grandest nights of my Life Part one

In January I heard from the Board of Trustees of the Magic Castle that I had once again made the short list of nominees for Closeup Magician of the year. I have been fortunate enough to be on that list more than a few times before. I have always arranged time to go out there on the chance that I might actually receive the distinction but I have managed to get nosed out for all those years.

I’ve brought each… Continue reading

One of the Grandest nights of my life Part two

Sunday morning I stumbled down to Hollywood Blvd for some coffee and a light bite. I felt I should fortify myself for a Sunday afternoon rehearsal at the Avalon Theater Hollywood and Vine in the heart of Hollywood.

I ride to the Avalon with a fellow nominee/member of the board of trustees. I pump him for information but no one is tipping any information. However, I am getting a strong indication that I should think about what I might say… Continue reading

Best friends



When your dog’s happy, you are doing something right.


This is a quote from my old buddy Jake.


I just got back from taking Lila for a long walk. She was very busy sniffing all the interesting things along the path. I love my dog. 


I have mentioned Jake in previous notes. Jake is one of my oldest buddies in the world. I have known him for nearly forty years. We were pals back… Continue reading

Lest this slip by unnoticed…

The Silvertree, my Wednesday gig, had me film the card on ceiling trick that happened early in January. The ceiling is about 40 feet high. The quality of the vid isn’t the best but you certainly get the idea. Almost the record.


and while you are there, there are a couple of vids from the old Tower days on YouTube as well. Check em out.

Dust off the bridesmaid’s dress

It’s springtime in Hollywood California and it’s award season again. The Grammies are this weekend, the Golden Globes were last week and the Motion Picture Academy Awards are right around the corner. The Oscars recognize the best and brightest stars in their industry. Their show is a well hyped. It is hard to escape the buzz in the media. 


A slightly lesser known academy flies just in the shadow of its bigger glitzier cousin. The Academy of Magic… Continue reading

We never know who we’ll meet or how we will impact the people we meet.

“The joy of being a magician is that you never quite know what is

going to happen next or whom you will meet. I suspect that this

surprise factor is one of the things we most enjoy.”


This is a quote from a magician pal of mine. It is very eloquent and sums up one of the more fun aspects of this profession. 


Sometimes our ‘little tricks’ mean much more. A year ago this month I was… Continue reading

A surprise in the fedex box…

I am so honored and flattered!  A fan, client, friend (and obviously talented painter) of mine in Arizona 

saw this image on an email and created this portrait of my best pal Lila and me on a walk here in Colorado.

What a mindblowing present. 

He really captured both of us. I love it.

Mortality on my mind


I’ve been lost in thoughts about mortality these past few days.


A high school pal recently succumbed to brain cancer. I guess people do that every day but we are conditioned not to react to them all. But when someone we know passes, it is always cause for circumspection. 


Then today on the radio a string of oldies kept these thoughts foremost in my mind. Just now, in the comfort of my little house,  Simon… Continue reading

Images of note

I am enjoying this blog thing.. not sure how many people have even found it at this point. I don’t know of anyway to track visitors to this. So if you do look in, jot a comment. Leave a footprint.

I don’t know how long I can keep up with the input. Like so many journals that I have started, the steam runs out before too long.

So we’ll see how long this can go without huge gaps..

This is… Continue reading