Angels… Lucky or .. what?

Just before the Tower shut its doors for good on April 10 2004, I had a crew come in and film one last performance. This footage came from a a regular night at the  Tower. We had 2 cameras, and talented operators. That is a big part of the formula for video. I was feeling pretty good that night, another part of the equation. The ‘wild card’ to this whole video thing is the audience. Without hiring professional… Continue reading

Bent Wheel on my tricycle.

My ex-wife is fond of saying that having three kids is like having a tricycle with one bent wheel – it’s just that the bent wheel moves around from time to time!  IOW at any given time, one of my kids may well be the ‘bent one’. When I talk about my kids, I sometimes lovingly refer to one (or another) of them as the bent wheel on my tricycle of life. I have three great kids. In fact,… Continue reading

Psychedelic Epcot


What an unbelievable weekend.

I was in Central FL to be a part of the last weekend of Epcot’s Food and Wine festival.  Though I have been in Orlando many times, I really haven’t been to anything at Epcot for more than 20 years. I never had the time or inclination to ‘hit the parks’. Mostly I have been ‘flying solo’ and any visit to Disney really isn’t that special if you can’t share the memory with someone.… Continue reading

So…Where are you from?

For years I’d avoid the long answer to that question with a simple, “I grew up in California”. Which was,  for the most part, true. When I landed in Santa Barbara California in 1968, I was free, white and 21, as they say. I did a helluva lot of growing up in the late 60s/early 70s.

Most people accepted that answer. They’d nod and we’d talk about how beautiful Southern California was and blah blah blah.. It… Continue reading

And look what showed up in the mail!

I have such great friends, one of whom I met recently at a magic convention.  Glen Yost is a watercolor artist who surprised me with the following portrait. I was blown away.

I think you will agree, it is a pretty startling resemblance. I was very flattered.

Spring time in the Northwest

For faithful readers of this blog, you know that two years ago I went to Japan with my oldest son Mack. This year, I undertook a similar adventure to Western Canada and Seattle, Eugene and Portland.  #2 son Ryan was my able bodied assistant on this swing.

Aside from the fact that everyone on this tour spoke English the tour was every bit as intense and no less grueling as the Japanese tour.

This whole tour… Continue reading

Amtrak tour Spring 2011

When I described my recent train adventure to folks, the most often asked question is .. why?

To which the obvious answer is .. why not?

I had a two day engagement in Denver on one weekend and then on the next weekend I had to be in Springfield, IL. I didn’t want to go and come back then go and  come back again. So I thought I would look into what might be in between those two cities.… Continue reading

The sun is setting on the winter 2011 and new horizons ahead

Winter season #34 is now ‘in the can’.

While it was a strange year for snowfall~hardly any here in Basalt, but LOTS up in the resort, it turned out to be a great winter for me. For the past several years, I have done an afternoon show at the Silvertree Hotel in the Conservatory, a difficult venue in that it was a long narrow room – a bit like working in a trailer. This year the ‘powers that be’ moved… Continue reading

A phone call from the blue

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

-Martin Buber

A little background.

I often speak to other magicians about the craft of magic. These lectures are a bit like a TupperWare party. I speak to them in the front of the room and the back of the room has a sales table. It’s another way to try and squeak a living out of this thing called magic. Last year, I wrote about a tour that included… Continue reading

2010 starts strong

As last year wound to a close, it was evident that it was a big year by any standards. I was still mildly euphoric over being named the Academy of Magical Arts Closeup Magician of the Year. The trip to Japan with son Mack was just one of many  other high points,

I didn’t have much time to ponder how it all fit into the grand scheme of things. The winter schedule required focus as I was doing 4… Continue reading

Southwest Roadtrip Nov 09

November loomed up as not being very strong with bookings so I turned to a different faucet for money and booked magic lectures through out the Southwest. Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Springs and San Diego. The tour would end up at the Magic Castle where I would work for two nights in the Inner Circle’s WC Fields Magic Bar.

Flying was not really an option. Besides I hate flying these days, it is just not easy on a person, plus it… Continue reading

And how about *this* ?

So here i am, checking out of the supermarket and my cell goes off.. 503 area code.. Oregon… unfamiliar number… so I quickly answer it…”Hello Mr Eason?” Well, this has all the earmarks of a sales call so, without giving the guy on the other end any time to say much.. I explain what I am doing, can’t talk, can you call me back in about 10 minutes?

I heard ‘Of course, sir” and punched the button.

I get home… Continue reading