The best year of my life.

I opened my computer to my blog spot and the above title appeared. Indeed 2015 can arguably be known as (at least one of) my best years … Successful stints California, the UK, Amsterdam and back to California.Travels with my son were challenging and rewarding.

Then 2016 charged out of the gate with a vengeance and turned into a real rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs.

Mortality or the awareness of it, has become a constant companion since January. When people who were born in the same year as me start to fall, it gives one pause. Early in January it started. Alan Rickman and David Bowie died with in the week  of each other… they were both born in 1947. ding!.

That broke things loose and then it seemed several times a week someone else would be ‘leaving the party’.

I know people die every day .. lots of them… but I don’t know their names…

I know too many of their names this year.

A dozen magic icons, pals from around the world have also died too soon. Couple those names with some well known dear local friends and it made me paranoid to pick up the newspaper for fear someone else I knew died.   

Then Alison, the mother of my kids, went in for a colonoscopy on the 10th of March and died from a number of contributing factors on the 30th! Her passing was not totally unexpected but it was sudden and merciful for all. She passed through the veils to the sounds of our old pal John Denver singing two of our favorite songs.

Reflecting on life, family, grandkids, magic and legacy seems to be taking up most of my time these days.IMG_3843

Thanks for looking in. Feel free to pass this site and blog around to other folks who know me and are interested in what I am up to.