Bent Wheel on my tricycle.

My ex-wife is fond of saying that having three kids is like having a tricycle with one bent wheel – it’s just that the bent wheel moves around from time to time!  IOW at any given time, one of my kids may well be the ‘bent one’.
When I talk about my kids, I sometimes lovingly refer to one (or another) of them as the bent wheel on my tricycle of life. I have three great kids. In fact, my oldest just presented me with my first grandchild!
Kids are a never ending ride down the sometimes bumpy road of life on a tricycle with a bent wheel.
Besides being a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Mike Peters is a dear friend and an enthusiastic fan of my work.

Mike in the blue shirt is reacting to something I was doing. I wish he could be in my audience every night.

I am equally rabid about his incredible talent. We have spent much time laughing together and he loves the bent wheel line. So he skillfully wove the line into his nationally syndicated strip, Mother Goose and Grimmy.

I have never known him to ‘plug’ someone in one of his strips so I am humbled and honored.
BTW It’s a bit misleading because my dog Lila is the only wheel on my wagon that isn’t currently bent.
That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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