Angels… Lucky or .. what?

Just before the Tower shut its doors for good on April 10 2004, I had a crew come in and film one last performance. This footage came from a a regular night at the  Tower. We had 2 cameras, and talented operators. That is a big part of the formula for video. I was feeling pretty good that night, another part of the equation. The ‘wild card’ to this whole video thing is the audience. Without hiring professional actors, we didn’t have much control of how lively they’ll be.

This night…a random night in the winter…I was blessed by having a STELLAR and stunning trio of beautiful women in the front row.  Of the three beauties, only Mia is a local, who I see now and then. But the other two, cute and perky Sandy and the ravishingly beautiful Alicia with her beguiling eyes…. just happened to be there.

Here is the strange thing though, I had never seen them -ever -before. I never saw them again that week nor have I seen them  since!  That’s kind of bizzare.

They added a lot of vitality to the group…I couldn’t have hired a better audience.

Maybe the stars were in alignment…maybe I just got lucky… who knows… but this piece comes as close to capturing the vibe of the Tower as any piece of video. It is also a lovely look back at the legendary place. Those were the days, my friends, those were the days…

click on this link… I can’t figure out how to make the YouTUbe thing appear here without having to click on it…
Angels in the front row.

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