And how about *this* ?

So here i am, checking out of the supermarket and my cell goes off..
503 area code.. Oregon… unfamiliar number… so I quickly answer it…”Hello Mr Eason?”
Well, this has all the earmarks of a sales call so, without giving the guy on the other end any time to say much.. I
explain what I am doing, can’t talk, can you call me back in about 10

I heard ‘Of course, sir” and punched the button.

I get home with my groceries and am unpacking when the number shows up
again – incoming. A very polite man calling me Mr Eason explains that
he is a helicopter pilot in Iraq calling from there.

Ah… hello!? Wait a minute .. you are calling me from Iraq!? yup.

He is a magician that I met nearly ten years ago at a lecture in
Portland. At that lecture he saw me perform Kate and Edith and (like
me when I first saw it…) bought it immediately. He was calling to
tell me that thanks to that routine…(and his own natural comedy
abilities plus some other strong tricks) he was the stand out winner
in the base talent contest.. in which 57 (!) other acts were entered.
He was simply calling to say thanks for the inspiration.

Ya coulda knocked me over with a feather.

I felt like a jackass.
The ‘simple’ act of getting a call through from Iraq is not an easy thing and I arrogantly
said… call me back! I mean, I had no way of knowing that … But he did make the effort to call back and I have to say…it made my week.

Sometimes …it isn’t all about the money…

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