Age has its privilege.

Ya know when you are young? You can’t wait to be 16 because you can get a driver’s license.

18, you can vote.

21, now! you can drink (legally). Wow..

then for a long time there are no ‘milestone’ birthdays,
except for the depressing 30,
or a startling 40,
the big five-oh,
the ‘let’s not make too big a deal, ok?” 60.

But finally ya get to be 65.

All those expensive medical expenses are slashed. I find I am entitled to Social Security. Holy cow. Now … The rules seem to be different. I am now eligible to, without guilt, park in the senior citizen spot. I can legitimately order off the senior citizen menu. It’s fabulous. I was in Michigan on my 65th birthday. It was fun. A few days before, I had been a part of a fundraising gala that helped the American Museum of Magic. The donors were treated to a terrific show with Tim Skilldini Wright, Rick Merrill, and local Marshall legend, Phil Hagerty. I was thrilled to be a part of that show. My hosts on the evening of the 21st lived in a grand home 150 years old. The lady of the house, did a google search and unbeknownst to me, discovered my birthday was the next day. So that morning I was having a quiet cup of coffee, waiting for my ride to the airport. Suddenly, I was treated to a hearty round of donuts and the chorus of Happy Birthday. A great way to start the day.

The best part of that grand day was to finally land in Santa Barbara and be greeted by the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. My granddaughter Molly Rose is (of course, I am the granddad) a beautiful child, but no, I really mean it. Look at this picture!
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If you said out loud, Oh My God. then you are not alone. I had the privilege to spend a few precious days with this beauty and her folks. The best birthday present I could have had.

65 is a state of mind .. except when my achilles tendon goes out or my back begins to spasm. Those are happening much more frequently. I complain but I am actually blessed with extraordinarily good health…so lucky. I have recently decided to loose the pesky few pounds that have parked themselves around my waist. I have gone off bread and gluten things. Just about a month and I am losing the pooch that has become know as wheat belly. I figured what can I lose except a few pounds and it’s working.

and on a sobering note.

Last week a high school classmate of mine, obviously the same age as me, fell and seriously cracked his head. He never regained consciousness. Boy, there is a reminder. One false step and they turn out the lights. I am holding onto the handrail.

I try to be grateful every minute.

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