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Age has its privilege.

Ya know when you are young? You can’t wait to be 16 because you can get a driver’s license.

18, you can vote.

21, now! you can drink (legally). Wow..

then for a long time there are no ‘milestone’ birthdays,
except for the depressing 30,
or a startling 40,
the big five-oh,
the ‘let’s not make too big a deal, ok?” 60.

But finally ya get to be 65.

All those expensive medical expenses are slashed. I find I am entitled to Social Security. Holy cow. Now … The rules seem to be different. I am now eligible to, without guilt, park in the senior citizen spot. I can legitimately order off the senior citizen menu. It’s fabulous. I was in Michigan on my 65th birthday. It was fun. A few days before, I had been a part of a fundraising gala that helped the American Museum of Magic. The donors were treated to a terrific show with Tim Skilldini Wright, Rick Merrill, and local Marshall legend, Phil Hagerty. I was thrilled to be a part of that show. My hosts on the evening of the 21st lived in a grand home 150 years old. The lady of the house, did a google search and unbeknownst to me, discovered my birthday was the next day. So that morning I was having a quiet cup of coffee, waiting for my ride to the airport. Suddenly, I was treated to a hearty round of donuts and the chorus of Happy Birthday. A great way to start the day.

The best part of that grand day was to finally land in Santa Barbara and be greeted by the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. My granddaughter Molly Rose is (of course, I am the granddad) a beautiful child, but no, I really mean it. Look at this picture!
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If you said out loud, Oh My God. then you are not alone. I had the privilege to spend a few precious days with this beauty and her folks. The best birthday present I could have had.

65 is a state of mind .. except when my achilles tendon goes out or my back begins to spasm. Those are happening much more frequently. I complain but I am actually blessed with extraordinarily good health…so lucky. I have recently decided to loose the pesky few pounds that have parked themselves around my waist. I have gone off bread and gluten things. Just about a month and I am losing the pooch that has become know as wheat belly. I figured what can I lose except a few pounds and it’s working.

and on a sobering note.

Last week a high school classmate of mine, obviously the same age as me, fell and seriously cracked his head. He never regained consciousness. Boy, there is a reminder. One false step and they turn out the lights. I am holding onto the handrail.

I try to be grateful every minute.

4 Responses to Age has its privilege.

  • Your granddaughter is beautiful and I would know that some of those great jeans came from Good Old Doc. See you soon, my friend. Gordon

  • Doc,

    Congratulations on making it to 65 and gaining the benefit of Medicare.

    At first look, I thought the picture was borrowed from a greeting card. Molly Rose may be the most beautiful child I have seen in ages. Are you SURE you’re the grandfather?

    Best regards, Zoom

  • Doc,

    Happy 65th !! Cheryl and thought you were only in your 50’s – ha ha.
    Saw an HGTV show the other evening with a great home in Basalt and don’t know why they didn’t invite you to be part of the show. We sure miss visiting Snowmass and seeing you at the Tower.

    Best Wishes and Continued Good Health

    Dick & Cheryl

  • Doc.

    Congrats and Happy 65th Birthday. Your granddaughter is beautiful indeed. Hope to make it to the Castle next week to catch your show.

    Take care and see you soon.

    Matt Herbert

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