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And now the party is over

And now the party is over

On April 10th, 2004, the Tower Magic Bar shut its doors for good. Attempts to sell the institution known as the Tower were not successful. There are many reasons; the sale did not include the land or the building, just a lease, liquor license, and equipment. Many people thought the price was too high considering the building itself was nearly 40 years old and in need of a lot of work. Business trends in Snowmass did not add a lot of incentive to a prospective owner. In light of the new developments currently scheduled for Snowmass, it made little sense to anyone (apparently) to lock into resurrecting an aging building. So when the lease ran out, an extension was implemented. Still no one appeared with a bag of money.

Michael P was very tired of the operation. So when no one stepped up to take over, the decision was made to simply run it until the end of the 2004 ski season and close the doors. Sad? Yes. But all change isn’t bad. Besides, the heart and soul of magic in Snowmass didn’t live in the Tower. It lives in Doc and Eric and the thousands of people who have crossed that threshold into that extraordinary place called the Magic Bar. Exciting plans are being drawn that may well continue the magic of Snowmass.

The whole village is experiencing a huge change. Base Village has passed and construction will start soon. There is a movement now to renovate the existing mall (including The Tower building). There may well be a newer and better Magic Bar in the future. Stay tuned here for details.

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