About Doc

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
—Martin Buber, German philosopher

If the philosopher was correct in his observation, then surely Snowmass, and more specifically the Tower Bar/Restaurant, were Doc Eason’s “secret destination.”

Doc’s circuitous route took him from the 1950’s mill town of Naugatuck Connecticut through Santa Barbara and Cupertino California in the late 1960’s and 70’s (good time to be there). Then on 7/7/77 he took off on a long (long) ride across the desert on a pathetically under-powered motorcycle for a vacation in the Colorado Rockies.
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Thus, Award-Winning Magician Doc Eason began his forty-five-year adventure where he perfected not only the art of magic and making a living at it in the Rocky Mountain high country but also created a beautiful life with friends and a family of his own.
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Doc is a close-up magician that learned his craft through nearly 30 years of performing at John Denver’s World-Famous Comedy Magic Bar in Snowmass Village Colorado as well as an additional 18 years at the Artisan Restaurant. His warm personal style has built him a worldwide reputation for his strong magic, snappy repartee and most importantly his connection with his audiences.
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He is a regular performer at the fabulous Magic Castle in Hollywood where he was awarded five awards from the Academy of Magical Arts including Close-up Magician of the Year (twice), Lecturer of the Year (twice) and the WC Fields Magic Bartender of the Year. He has been recognized as Honorary Professional Member of the prestigious Magic Circle of London as “one respected by so many and who has contributed so much to the world of magic.”

Most importantly, the real magic of Doc Eason comes from within and that’s what makes lasting connections and memories for all.

It’s more than magic. It’s Doc!