Best friends




When your dog’s happy, you are doing something right.


This is a quote from my old buddy Jake.


I just got back from taking Lila for a long walk. She was very busy sniffing all the interesting things along the path. I love my dog. 


I have mentioned Jake in previous notes. Jake is one of my oldest buddies in the world. I have known him for nearly forty years. We were pals back in my early California days.Our lives were closely intertwined back then. He is like a childhood pal even though we met when I was in my early 20’s.  He probably knows more about me and those years than most people on the planet. Like many old friends, when we are together, just a word or two invokes a flood of memories and so many stories. We laugh a lot. He grounds me more and in a much different way than a lot of my magic associates and friends. 

I love spending time with him. He grounds me in a much different way than most of my magic friends.


A lot of his expressions have made it into my act. I am not sure he knows how many of them pepper my repertoire. 


I’ll advise my patrons to get a drink and ‘plenty of hot water and clean towels, gonna be a long night ahead!” 


The picture here shows us when we were both 32 years younger and countless pounds lighter. The Snowmass sign is a bit different today. The year established and elevation has remained the same but the population is a few more. We will stage this photo again for a mark in time this summer.



There will be more posts about Jake forth coming.

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