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A surprise in the fedex box…

I am so honored and flattered!  A fan, client, friend (and obviously talented painter) of mine in Arizona 

saw this image on an email and created this portrait of my best pal Lila and me on a walk here in Colorado.

What a mindblowing present. 

He really captured both of us. I love it.


2 Responses to A surprise in the fedex box…

  • Hi Doc,

    I hope you are well, I’ve been out of the magic world for a few months – new baby, new job etc. Just getting back in touch with people. Great new website! I need to make a start on mine!!! I love the blog! The painting is great, you have some talented friends. I really empathise with you about your morality comments, been there myself far too many times.

    Best wishes for 2009! Keep up the good work 🙂

    Spencer (Liverpool, England)

  • Doc,

    You have been blessed with wonderful friends, family and talent!!!!
    This painting captures the joy you have had in your life…hurry back to Los Angeles so we can see the real you.
    Your friends,
    Jennifer and Curtis Cohen

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