Are legends born? Are they made? Are they only legends when they are no longer with us? About thirty years ago, I met a living legend. His name is Doc Eason. What made him so? Well, he was a good husband, a loving father, a doting dog owner (ask Lila) but most important, he was the best magician I had ever seen!

Now I had seen my share of magicians. Most all I had seen, know and revere Doc Eason.

The Magic Castle in Hollywood not only sees Doc as just that but the mecca of the magic arts has voted Doc Eason the magician of the year a staggering 6 times!

So what makes Doc a living legend? Well, many magicians have mastered their craft.

Many have the hand skills, the methodical mind, and the desire to perform. I think it is Doc’s unrivaled wit, his uncanny memory, and his outrageous connection with people. And all kinds of people.

Rich people, poor people, young and old, Doc Eason audiences in Snowmass and around the world are going on fourth generation audiences! From corporate events, industrial trade shows, country club gatherings, weddings (and a few divorces) and all sorts of private affairs.

Whether Doc was performing bar magic at the Tower Comedy Magic Bar, The Stonebridge, the Magic Castle or your living room, Doc Eason is ALWAYS ON. There is no such thing as an off night.

He is the consummate professional with the amazing ability to make you scratch your head with confusion, belly laugh with enjoyment, or walk away feeling you have never been more entertained.

Oh…and who am I? Well, I am just a guy, like thousands of others of you, who have gotten to enjoy Doc Eason for more than three decades. I’m a fan, a friend, and a follower. I am one who values my entertainment dollar, and whether I saw Doc last week, or last year, I cannot wait to see him again.

Have you seen Doc perform?
You better, because legends don’t live forever.